At Hudson EMS School the equipment you’ll find in our classrooms is same kind you’ll see our emergency trucks: state-of-the-art.

Hudson EMS takes pride in providing our Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics with nothing but the finest, state-of-the art medical equipment and devices.  Some examples are 4 and 12-lead advanced electrocardiograms, camera-assisted Glideslope’s to open blocked airways, EZ-IO devices to establish fluid resuscitation in critical patients and much, much more.  Everything you see on our emergency vehicles that we use to treat patients you will also find in our classrooms for our EMT candidates to learn and practice on.  As a result, our EMT candidates not only know how this equipment works, but how to operate it competently and confidently when they are called to use it on an actual patient.
In fact, there are a few critical things you’ll find in our classrooms that are not on our trucks like IV arms and blood pressure arms, and the star of the show:  Metiman.

Metiman is amazing!  This artificial mannequin, costing over $35,000.00, can be programmed to mimic virtually every emergency medical condition that our candidates will encounter when they face real live patients.  Metiman not only displays the symptoms (like pulse, breathing rate, pupil dilation, etc.), but he reacts to treatment like a real person.  With Metiman, Hudson EMS candidates can develop a mastery of correct procedures and treatment protocols long before they are required to apply them on actual patients in the field.

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