Is Hudson EMT School the right move for you?


Citizens of Hudson and nearby towns are amazed by the fact that Hudson EMS is an organization where 40-50% of the members are volunteers, each of whom serve a minimum of 12 hours each week!  If becoming a volunteer is your goal, you'll be glad to know that your training tuition can be reimbursed if accepted as a member of Hudson EMS and all requirements are met.

If your goal is to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience that will help you qualify for another job, you'll have lots of good company.  Future police officers, firefighters, nurses, physicians, hospital administrators and public safety and security officials seek training and certification at Hudson EMT School.  They then use the volunteer service as a "stepping stone" to become better qualified.  In fact, Hudson EMS service, especially as a volunteer, looks good on any professional resume!



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